Physicians and Institutions

Physicians and Institutions

Syntactx is physician-founded and led, so we understand the challenges physicians and institutions face. Our team works closely with our clients to lessen their workload. We design and fully manage the study from concept to publication while keeping stakeholders apprised of progress at all times.

By entrusting the management of your clinical study operations to us, you can be confident that your research objectives will be met on time and within your budget. Because we fully understand the needs of the academic community and the intricacies of the clinical trial process, we deliver the precise services you need to generate the clinical evidence anticipated by you and your peers.

Our experience

Syntactx works with independent physicians, collaborative groups, and consortia. We help academic societies produce controlled and real-world data to support the advancement of products and therapies.

  • International registry for academic medical society of over ten thousand patients for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) reporting
  • Coronary trial of 1200 patients in Europe and Asia
  • Core Laboratory for global collaboration of independent physicians for classification of endoleaks unique to endovascular aneurysm sealing


Dr. Ouriel co-founded the Cleveland Clinic Vascular Surgery Academic Research Organization.


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