Stefaan Van der Meulen

Managing Partner,
Syntactx Europe

Based outside Ghent, Belgium, Stefaan Van der Meulen heads the Syntactx offices in Europe as a Managing Partner and oversees business development in the Asia-Pacific region. Under his leadership, the Syntactx Europe and APAC teams work hand-in-hand with the Syntactx Corporate office while offering regional and country-specific expertise for local clinical and regulatory projects.

Stefaan began his career in the pharmaceutical industry working on early- and late-phase clinical research studies of various sizes and indications. While working at Novartis, he was a global co-driver for their risk-based monitoring initiative, a best practice that is now being applied at Syntactx. At Cordis, a medical device developer and manufacturer, Stefaan concentrated on first-in-human and pivotal studies before transitioning to Core Laboratory and product specialist activities. He also has experience in product life-cycle development from both a clinical and marketing perspective.

Stefaan holds a Master of Biomedical Sciences from Ghent University in Belgium. He is fluent in Dutch, English, and French, and proficient in Italian and German.

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