Richard Ouriel

Senior Vice President,
Clinical Sciences

Richard Ouriel heads Syntactx’s multidisciplinary Clinical Sciences group, which encompasses the Imaging Core Laboratory, Data Sciences, and Safety teams to ensure the collection of quality data. Leveraging his analytical background, Richard leads these highly technical and analytical teams to make certain Syntactx delivers exceptional data integrity and reliable results.

Richard has expertise in interventional therapies, medical imaging, and implementation of electronic systems to increase efficiencies in clinical trial operations. He has extensive experience in all phases of clinical trials in a variety of therapeutic areas, across multiple geographies.

Prior to joining Syntactx, Richard was an analyst at Ada Investments, where he focused on equity research, portfolio analysis, and marketing. He is skilled in both business strategy and operations with knowledge of recruiting, hiring, sales, and marketing. Richard holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from The George Washington University.

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