A different kind of CRO

Syntactx is the ideal clinical research partner with significant expertise in complex interventional medical device and pharmaceutical trials across multiple therapeutic areas.

Founded in 2010, Syntactx has a long history of synthesizing clinical evidence to enable broad market adoption of innovative products. Our world-renowned physicians have extensive careers in clinical practice and academia and have served as national principal investigators on multiple landmark clinical trials for medicine’s most innovative technologies. They also offer the perspectives of our clients’ physician customers and give their innovative products the best chance of being accepted by the medical community at large.

Our strong capabilities span well beyond our dedicated physicians. They work in tandem with our team of key clinical and regulatory experts who also have a first-hand understanding of enrollment obstacles and regulatory challenges. We leverage established relationships with highly reputable clinicians and academic institutions for investigator, site, and adjudication committee recruitment, and with regulatory agencies worldwide for market clearances and approvals.

Ultimately, only Syntactx can deliver this combination of clinical, academic, and professional thought-leadership, raising the bar in service and results. Since 2010, we have enrolled over 200,000 subjects in North America, Europe, and Asia. We are technology-driven and committed to helping our clients improve the lives of patients worldwide.

Many CROs make promises they can’t keep.

Many say they are committed to client success, but only a handful actually do what they say and say what they mean. Still others suffer from antiquated enrollment processes, poor data quality, or inexperienced staff. Even if they have the best intentions, these practices lead to less than optimal results and dissatisfied clients.

Syntactx is a different kind of CRO. Our name is derived from the word syntax. Just as syntax brings together words into well formed sentences, Syntactx brings together the people, tools, and expertise needed to run a well ordered clinical trial – guided by the highest possible professional standards.

We’ve built our firm around the highest professional standards that are most important to you. We believe in excellence and nothing less. That’s why we created the Syntactx Promise, a set of principles that guides every client engagement.

We always bring you the right clinical, analytical, and regulatory experts who are your partners throughout the engagement.
  1. Expertise
  2. Quality
  3. Transparency
  4. Precision
  5. Performance