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Delivering highest quality clinical research services

SYNTACTX |sin-'tak-tiks| = "bring together with structure"

Syntactx provides full-service, innovative, technology-driven and customized clinical trial experiences that integrate subject matter expertise with unparalleled access to our internal thought leaders and a global network of key industry influencers.

Our Services

Syntactx provides a variety of services tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We take clinical trials from product inception through market introduction and post-market studies.

Protocol Development

At the root of every successful Clinical Trial is a well-developed Study Protocol.

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Regulatory Affairs

Working with the FDA and other agencies around the world, Syntactx helps clients navigate through the stringent requirements to gain regulatory approval.

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Clinical Project Management

Paramount to optimal Clinical Project Management is having a seasoned team that understands how to handle all of the elements involved in meeting the varied needs of study Sponsors, Investigators, site research staff, and study subjects.

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Data Management

Proper data management is critical to the success of a clinical trial, and our services consistently lead to the collection of reliable, statistically sound data for our clients.

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Syntactx works closely with key opinion leaders globally to maintain the integrity and overall conduct of all clinical trials.

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Core Laboratory

The Syntactx Core Laboratory works with advanced technology and an experienced and knowledgeable staff to produce precise and top tier results for our clients.

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Electronic Data Capture

In a constantly modernizing clinical research industry, electronic data capture systems can increase the accuracy of data collection and decrease the time it takes to collect this data.

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Medical Writing

Published medical writing is a highly effective marketing tool and provides the opportunity to share ideas with professionals around the world.

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Our Team

The Syntactx Team is comprised of passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced individuals with deep roots in various facets of healthcare. Our dedication to medical research and aligned goals provide our clients with a professional experience that will address their unique challenges.

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